Disgusting Ad Pins Blame For Scalise Shooting On Georgia Dem Jon Ossoff (VIDEO)


A television ad released by the right wing Principled PAC this week in the special election currently underway in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District is raising eyebrows from people on both sides.

The ad pins blame for the recent shooting of House Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise and several others on Democratic Congressional candidate Jon Ossoff and his supporters, although such is literally the same kind of generalized hate that led to the shooting in the first place.

Blaming an up and coming Democratic Party figure for the actions of someone who was loosely associated with his party is vitriolic at best, and just plain delusional and dangerous at worst.

Additionally, there are literally still people in the hospital who were injured during this incident — and yet this PAC thinks it nothing to turn their situation into a political football? Seriously?

The ad opens with a female voice saying over footage of Congressman Scalise being transported off the field this past Wednesday:

‘Now the unhinged left is endorsing and applauding shooting Republicans.’

The ad, unsurprisingly, cites absolutely zero instances of someone on the left actually
“endorsing or applauding” what happened to Scalise. The reason for this lack of citations is simple — nobody thinks that what happened to Scalise is good. Sen. Bernie Sanders spoke for pretty much all of us when he roundly denounced the shooter while speaking on the Senate floor.

And yet, the makers of this ad have created an alternate universe where such is not the case.

After the opening images, the ad says:

‘When will it stop? It won’t if Jon Ossoff wins on Tuesday.’

The ad’s reasoning for why an Ossoff victory will herald more violence against Republicans is because he is supported by those whom the ad implies endorse violence against Republicans. These individuals include comedienne Kathy Griffin and an unnamed protester who had somewhat of an emotional breakdown at Trump’s inauguration.

The ad offers no evidence that these people actually endorse what happened to Scalise last Wednesday.

The campaigns of both Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel have spoken out against the ad, which was produced by a Handel-supporting third party.

Ossoff told reporters:

‘The man is fighting for his life. I think it’s disgraceful to politicize it, and I think Secretary Handel should call for it to come down.’

Handel hasn’t called for it to come down. Handel’s spokeswoman Kate Constantini told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

‘For any group to use the shootings this week for political or personal benefit is shameful. This group should be ashamed.’

Watch the ad for yourself below.


Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video