Donald Trump Jr. Gets Shredded On Twitter After Dopey Father’s Day Message


It’s Father’s Day this Sunday and Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to post a message in honor of his dad, President Trump.

The problem is, it’s not that simple. This family isn’t just some normal presidential family and for the Trumps to pretend as though they are such a thing is an open invitation for ridicule. Twitter promptly ripped Trump Jr. to shreds for his Father’s Day tweet.

Trump Jr.’s Father’s Day message reads: “Happy Father’s Day dad. Thanks for everything you’ve taught us and for fighting everyday to #maga. We love you.”

Donald Trump has shown himself through a variety of means over the years to be something quite different from a “good dad”, no matter how many Twitter posts from the Trump family seek to assert otherwise.

Trump is not a model for children. In fact, attack ads against Trump produced by the Hillary Clinton campaign while the 2016 election was still underway point out this very thing. Even more acutely alarming, Buzzfeed News “has confirmed more than 50 incidents across 26 states in which a K-12 student invoked Trump’s name or message in an apparent effort to harass a classmate during the past school year.”

In short, Trump Jr. can cut the nonsense and the rest of us can hope that someone has the foresight to keep Trump’s grandchildren out of his orbit.

Trump’s attitude towards parenting his own children has been well-documented. In 2005, for instance, while speaking to Howard Stern, Trump said: “I mean, I won’t do anything to take care of the kids. I’ll supply funds and she’ll take care of the kids. It’s not like I’m going to be walking the kids down Central Park.”

Concurrently, Trump’s decades-long pattern of being a bully to everyone he doesn’t like casts his parenting abilities into serious question. This pattern of bullying behavior is still visible in Trump’s presidential administration.

Any parent who is looking out for the future of their children will steer them away from Donald Trump.

It’s confirmation of all of these things and more that angry Twitter users left in the comments section of Trump Jr.’s tweet.

Check it out below:

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