GOP Threatens To Go Ham On Paul Ryan If He Refuses To Stand Up To Trump


The scope of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has widened to include Donald Trump’s possible obstruction of justice, a money trail that has confirmed ties to Trump affiliates, and possibly even his daughter, Ivanka. Some say that for Trump, Mueller is getting a little too close for comfort and Donald Trump doesn’t like it one bit.

In fact, there have been several reports that Trump is so upset with the direction Mueller’s investigation is going, that Trump has alluded to possibly firing Mueller. Key to Trump’s ability to terminate yet another person investigating him is Paul Ryan (R-WI.). With Ryan’s support, Trump could have the endorsement he feels he needs to move forward with further obstructing the investigation into his ties with the Russian government.

With that in mind, despite the powerful position he holds, Ryan has rarely shown the willingness or ability to stand up to Trump. Therefore, as talks about the prospect of Trump firing Mueller continue, people are wondering how Ryan will handle the need to draw a line in the sand, get on one side or the other, and stay there.

An issue with the propensity to divide the GOP, sources are now saying that if Trump terminates Mueller and Ryan sides with him, Republicans are fully prepared to oust Ryan as Speaker of the House:

People had strong reactions to this news. Most simply seemed to want it to be true:

A couple of people reminded how connected team Trump is to Russia:

Others pointed out the lack of ethics Paul Ryan has displayed to date:

It’s important to note that the information contained herein is merely speculation at this point. However, if true, the notion that some Republicans will sell Trump, Ryan, and others out if for their own political gain speaks volumes about the lack of unity within the party.

Featured Image via Getty/Mark Wilson/Staff.