Ivanka Tweets Deplorable Father’s Day Advice – Turns Into Instant Disaster


Donald Trump’s decision to run the White House like a family business has drawn a lot of criticism. Not only does it seem that there are a lot of grossly-unqualified people handling some of the country’s most intricate affairs, but rumors continue to swirl around the topic of how guilty Trump’s relatives are where his own alleged wrongdoings are concerned.

Also a topic of controversy where the Trump family is concerned is Donald’s relationship with his daughter, Ivanka. At times it seems that they’re in an intimate partner situation as opposed to a father daughter one.

For the reasons above and more, when Ivanka’s company posted the tweet below, people had a blast responding based on a wide range of topics:

One person spared no punches as they commented on the closer-than-usual relationship between Ivanka and her father:

A few folks couldn’t help but remind Ivanka’s team that her father is taking health care away from millions:

Naturally, several people had to comment on the ongoing Russia investigation to include Donald Trump now being looked into for obstruction of justice:

People haven’t forgotten that Donald Trump still hasn’t released recent tax returns. One person mentioned that as a possible gift Trump could give America:

One person took a jab at Donald Trump’s allegedly-close ties to Russia:

Someone pointed out the asinine nature of the original tweet itself:

And with that, we’re all once again reminded that Donald Trump and everyone connected to him needs to just stay off Twitter.

Featured Image via Getty/NurPhoto/Contributor