Jason Chaffetz Taunts Trump In Final Interviews Before Leaving Congress (VIDEO)


Rep. Jason Chaffetz is on his way out of Congress at the end of this month, but before he goes, he has a few words for the Trump Administration.

Chaffetz abruptly announced his resignation from the chairmanship of the House Oversight Committee earlier this year, citing a desire to spend more time with his family.

As Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, he’s been in a position to lead investigations into various members of the administration during his time in office, and he’s often been criticized for supposedly not being aggressive enough in his investigations.

Since his resignation announcement, he has come out in force against at least one person who he should have been investigating all along, ousted presidential National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Earlier this year, in the time since his resignation announcement, he, along with House Oversight Committee ranking Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings, expressly accused Flynn of a crime for concealing his financial ties to Russia and other foreign government entities. Flynn failed to disclose the large sums of money he received both from Russian funded state TV and from the Turkish government for lobbying efforts in the U.S. on their behalf.

Now, Rep. Chaffetz is speaking out about his behind closed doors take on all of this. It was already publicly revealed by Chaffetz and Cummings that the White House was not being entirely cooperative in their requests for documents related to Flynn. Chaffetz now says that it’s even worse than that.

Speaking on Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson, he said that the Trump Administration is, in some respects, worse than the Obama Administration in his estimation when it comes to the issues that are relevant to him doing his job.

Remember, this is Rep. Jason Chaffetz, the rabid Republican who has spent years determined to prove some sort of wrongdoing on Hillary Clinton’s part. He hates Democrats.

Chaffetz said:

‘The reality is, sadly, I don’t see much difference between the Trump administration and the Obama administration. I thought there would be this, these floodgates would open up with all the documents we wanted… In many ways, it’s almost worse because we’re getting nothing, and that’s terribly frustrating.’

Chaffetz went on to say that Attorney General Sessions is “worse” than Obama era Attorney General Loretta Lynch in terms of handing over documents.

Watch the interview below.

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