Sean Spicer Freaks Out When Asked About Mueller At Monday Press Conference


Monday’s White House press conference got off to a fairly bizarre start, since it was off-camera and reporters were told that no audio clips were allowed to air.

It didn’t get any less bizarre as time went on, with Press Secretary Sean Spicer eventually defending the potential decision of the president to fire Special Counsel for the Russia investigation Robert Mueller. Rumors that Trump is considering firing Mueller have been circulating for some time, but up until now, the Trump team has sought to dispel those rumors.

Sure — it’s possible and within the authority of the president for him to fire Mueller, but that doesn’t mean that it would be wise for him to do so. Trump is already under possible investigation for firing the last guy who was in charge of investigating his team before Mueller, FBI Director James Comey. Thus, firing Mueller would foreseeably do little else besides add to the president’s problems.

However, Spicer apparently missed the memo. When asked about whether Trump could and/or would fire Mueller, he responded by stating that “everyone” in the administration “serves at the pleasure of” the president.

Buzzfeed News White House correspondent Adrian Carrasquillo wrote on Twitter:

‘Spicer asked if Mueller could be fired by Trump. Spicer goes into “org chart” convo, says ultimately everyone serves at pleasure of POTUS.’

If there was video or even audio of Tuesday’s briefing then perhaps the volatility of that statement could be dispelled by looking at the entirety of Spicer’s remarks, but nope, Spicer got cold feet or something — conducting Monday’s briefing on the record but off the camera.

Just because the president can do something doesn’t mean that he should do something. Should the president fire nuclear weapons at our enemies just because he can? Obviously not, and that answer doesn’t change just because it’s legally permissible for him to do so.

If Trump really wants the Russia investigation to be over as quickly as possible, he will leave Mueller in place and allow him to complete his investigation.

In the meantime, he should fill in the blanks for his staffers who, like Spicer, seem to fail to grasp that firing Mueller is a bad idea.

Featured Image via Cheriss May/NurPhoto via Getty Images