BREAKING: ‘Explosive Noises’ Erupt At Large Train Station – Suicide Belt Seen


In the latest incident in the ongoing saga of terror attacks in Europe, Belgian police have reportedly “neutralized” an individual wearing a suicide belt at Brussels Central Station.

Belgian media is also reporting that possible explosions have been heard in the area and that the town’s main square has been evacuated.

Fires Services spokesman Pierre Meys confirmed to the media that explosions had taken place in Brussels Central Station, but he did not immediately say what had caused the blast.

There is not yet any word as to whether or not there have been any injuries, beyond implied injuries on the part of attacker. Concurrently, there isn’t yet any indication of whether or not the explosions that were heard were controlled by police or not.

Brussels itself has experienced terror atrocities within the last year or so. In March 2016, suicide bombers killed 32 people on the city’s subway system and in the city’s airport.

Since then, a wave of terror attacks has rocked Europe, including the recent suicide bombing attack on an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, that left dozens of concertgoers dead.

More recently, in Paris, a car slammed into a police van and exploded, while in England, in the time since the Manchester bombing, a number of people have been killed in a series of car ramming attacks, including one that was “retaliatory” against Muslims.

There’s no claim of responsibility as of yet for this latest incident.

As this is a breaking story, check back for updates.