Ivanka Trump Caught On Camera Awkwardly Embracing U.S. Senator – Internet Goes Wild


Well, this is awkward. Ivanka Trump went to Capitol Hill this Tuesday to meet with lawmakers about the child tax credit, which gives families an up to $1,000 tax credit for each of their children.

Ivanka has long claimed to be an advocate for the United States to institute a policy of paid family leave, although little has been accomplished towards this end, substantively speaking. She has found an ally in U.S. Republican Senator from Florida and former presidential candidate, Marco Rubio, who called what she’s doing “important work.”

It’s none of the finer points of this, however, that have the internet up in arms this Tuesday. Rather, what has the internet up in arms this Tuesday afternoon is a photo of Ivanka greeting Sen. Rubio that captures the two in an extremely awkward moment.

Check out the photo for yourself below.

What is even going on in that photo? There’s no apparent video of the encounter, so you can’t see the image in light of the ones that preceded and followed it, but still, it’s weird.

Twitter users went to town mocking it, both in the comments section of Warner’s original post and elsewhere.


Ivanka has been widely criticized for supposedly not getting much done in her role as an official adviser to the president. Among other things, she has been the widely hyped-up head of the White House’s “Workforce Development Week,” and she’s also pushed for a global fund for female entrepreneurs to be set up at the World Bank.

Concurrent to the fact that she isn’t actually in charge of the fund is the fact that she hasn’t actually had to display any executive or managerial skills when it comes to the fund. She just said that it would be a good idea, basically.

On Tuesday, besides Rubio, Ivanka met with Nebraska Rep. Deb Fischer, Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott and Utah Sen. Mike Lee.

Earlier this year, Rep. Fischer introduced a bill to give companies tax credits that gave their employees paid maternity and paternity leave.

The Trump Administration’s proposal, as it stands at present, would grant workers six weeks of paid family leave per year. Ivanka’s plan at present is for that leave to be mandated.

Featured Image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images