Ivanka Trump Makes Phony Childcare Announcement & Regretted It In 8 Humiliating Seconds


For months now, Ivanka Trump has pretended to be on the side of the many Americans who are struggling to make ends meet. On Tuesday, the American people let her know that they are getting tired of the act.

Trump posted a tweet on Tuesday morning saying that her father’s administration is dedicated to making childcare more affordable for working families.

‘Childcare is a major expense for American working families. This Admin. is focused on creating policy solutions to enable them to thrive!’

As per usual, the first daughter’s tweet was not well-received. Plenty of commenters made it clear that they would like Ivanka, who has been wealthy since birth, to stop pretending to understand the needs of working people.


Plenty of other people also argued that Ivanka should be more concerned about the effect the American Health Care Act is going to have on working families.


Earlier this year, Ivanka Trump began advocating for her father’s $500 billion child care tax plan. While the plan may have been created with good intentions, analysts found soon after it was released that it would do very little for the low-income Americans who need the most help paying for childcare. Instead, the plan, which CNNMoney called a “gift to the rich,” would mainly benefit high-earning families.

According the Tax Policy Center, 70 percent of the plan’s benefits would go to families that make over $100,000 annually, while another 25 percent would go families that earn over $200,000. Although the plan proposes providing low-income families with tax credits, the amount most families would receive would barely make a dent in their childcare bills. For example, a family earning $30,000 per year would receive about $574 back; however, the average full-time childcare program costs thousands of dollars per year.

Elaine Maag, one of the Tax Policy Center analysts, said about the proposal:

‘Trump has identified a real challenge affecting working families, but his proposal would do little or nothing to help them.’

Ivanka Trump headed to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to have a “robust discussion” about her childcare and paid family leave plans with Republican lawmakers, including Florida Senator Marco Rubio. We’ll just have to wait and see if anything that is actually good for working families will result from this meeting.

Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images.