Trump Posts Mysterious Tuesday Afternoon ‘China’ Tweet Like A Doped Up Weirdo


Well, here we go again. Showing just how shallow President Trump’s approach to delicate, important issues of foreign policy really is, he has again taken to Twitter this Tuesday to address the issue of North Korea.

Twitter just isn’t where a president is supposed to hammer out issues of foreign policy and national security.

Nevertheless, with little regard to anything besides his own ego, Trump wrote the following on Twitter this Tuesday afternoon:

‘While I greatly appreciate the efforts of President Xi & China to help with North Korea, it has not worked out. At least I know China tried!’

That’s it? Trump gave up on China that quick? Does he have any concept of time? Does he know that it’s literally only been a few months since he first tried to pin responsibility for reining in North Korea on China?

Earlier this year, North Korea began a series of missile tests and set the world on edge with talk of imminent war with the West.

In response to the newest wave of aggression from the North Koreans, Trump sent a U.S. Navy strike convoy to the waters off the nation’s coast. Rumors circulated at the time that the administration was preparing to actually carry out a strike, but the Department of Defense asserted that such was not the case.

Besides sending the strike convoy, Trump also sought to pressure China into forcing North Korea to stop their aggression, as many world leaders have done for some time. China is one of the major lifelines for the North Korean economy.

In response to Trump’s urging, China imposed a small number of caps on their economic interactions with the North Koreans, but those didn’t even translate into a reduction in the total amount of cash sent to North Korea by China annually.

Trump’s latest tweet on the subject, apparently indicating that he isn’t interested in giving the Chinese more than a few months to fall in line with his agenda on this issue, comes after the death of American student Otto Warmbier. Warmbier was held in detention by North Korea for over a year, and when he was released recently, he was revealed to be in a coma.

He died shortly after arriving in the United States.

For Trump to basically dismiss China’s input when it comes to North Korea suggests that he’s back to thinking about strike convoys in his dealings with the Koreans.

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