BREAKING: Terrorist Attack At Major U.S. Airport Targets Police (DETAILS)


A police officer is fighting for his life Wednesday afternoon, after an apparent terrorist attack at an airport in Flint, Michigan. The officer’s condition has now been upgraded to stable, but investigators are looking at this as a Muslim extremist attack due to the words shouted during the attack.

It is still unknown how the altercation between the suspect and officer Jeff Neville began, but it ended with all flights being grounded until further notice.

NBC Correspondent Tom Winter tweeted the following:

The suspect was apprehended without further incident, and the officer was transported to a local hospital in critical condition. That officer is expected to survive his injuries.

According to MLIVE, police are gathering at the town hall to convene on the matter.

The FBI has spoken to the media about the attack:


A twitter user has posted an update on the officer’s condition: