Former W.H. Staffer Reveals The Crazy Number Of People Investigating Trump


Each day it seems there is new information released about various wrongs Trump or someone close to him has committed. As those wrongs specifically relate to the ongoing Russia investigation, there are now several different avenues that Special Counsel Robert Mueller may be looking in to.

From the actual collusion with Russian government officials that may have led to voters being improperly swayed to vote for Trump just before Election 2016, to Donald Trump’s termination of James Comey in the midst of Comey’s probe, there is a lot between the two subjects for Mueller to look in to.

According to former Bill Clinton staffer Claude Taylor, Mueller and his team is actively connecting all of the dots related to Trump, Russia, money, Election 2016, and more:

In general, people were not surprised by this news:

One person offered a sad, but real metaphor for what he/she feels watching the Trump saga unfold has been like:

One person legitimately asked if there is any timeline for the completion of the investigation:

Unfortunately, neither Taylor nor his sources have an answer for this question:

They say the wheels of justice turn slowly, but for many patiently waiting for Donald Trump and those closest to him to be brought to justice, it may often seem like those wheels aren’t turning at all.

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