Ivanka Tweets Arrogant Messages From Capitol Hill & The Internet Makes Her Pay


Ivanka Trump went to Capitol Hill this week to discuss what she described as “policy initiatives to empower American working families.”

She has long clamored for policy changes including mandated paid family leave for American workers but has found few allies for her proposals in Congress — Democrats say that her proposals are toothless, while Republicans say that they’re too much.

Unsurprisingly, Ivanka tweeted about her Capitol Hill meetings and the internet had a lot to say in response.

Ivanka both made her own post and retweeted something from House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy.

Alongside a photo of her at a table looking important alongside Rep. McCarthy, she wrote, “Just concluded two productive days of Hill meetings focused on policy initiatives to empower American working families!”

The post from Rep. McCarthy that Ivanka retweeted says, “Working w/ @IvankaTrump the House will continue to advance policies that empower working families to build a better future for themselves.”

You can see Rep. McCarthy’s post below, featuring images of him and Ivanka looking even more pompously important than in the one in Ivanka’s post.

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Notably, even though McCarthy says that working with Ivanka will allow the House to “continue to advance policies that empower working families,” it’s not like any piece of legislation is coming up for a full House vote anytime soon. It’s all just talk.

Besides, what other pieces of legislation has the House been recently working to advance that actually empower working families? The answer is none. One of the House’s biggest accomplishments in the months since Trump became President is to pass the American Health Care Act, which is the culmination of the GOP’s years long campaign to repeal Obamacare.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that if the AHCA becomes law, tens of millions of people will lose their health coverage. That’s certainly not empowering to working families.

Ivanka’s plan, which again, hasn’t taken off in Congress, is for the United States to mandate six weeks of paid maternity (and paternity) leave.

It’s a noble-ish effort — maybe — but noble efforts mean nothing. Besides, as discussed, while Ivanka is leading this show of caring for American workers, literally everyone around her is working to screw them over.

Check out some of the best replies to Ivanka’s tweets below: