New Law Would Make Women Choose Between Reproductive Rights & Their Jobs


Women all over the world are tired of being told what they can and can not do with their bodies. For women in Missouri, the fight surrounding women’s reproductive rights just got even crazier.

Pro-life Republicans in Missouri are actually willing to mess with women’s livelihoods in order to further their agendas. In what may be the pettiest move yet, Republicans are trying to pass legislation to allow women to be discriminated against in the work force for the most ridiculous reason possible — taking birth control.

Senate in Missouri is actually considering a legislation that would allow not only employers, but also landlords, the right to discriminate against women who use any form of birth control or have had abortions in the past. The bill already has the support of the state’s governor, Eric Greitens, and has also been approved by the Missouri House on Tuesday.

The bill, which is known as SB 5, passed by the Senate on June 14th, following a special session by Greitens. Greitens’ aim was to overturn an ordinance that prevented employers and landlords from reprimanding a woman for her choice to use contraceptives or terminate a pregnancy.

Given the way that the Senate’s vote turned out, it seems likely that they will approve the updated version of SB 5. If this happens, landlords will be able to refuse housing to women purely because of their personal reproductive health choices. Employers would, from there on out, be able to terminate female staff members jobs, if they were found to be using birth control, or just refuse them a job all together.

While it isn’t exactly common practice to ask someone you’re hiring or considering renting an apartment to about their personal reproductive choices, under SB 5 landlords and employers will be able to ask women on their applications what forms of contraceptives they are using or have used.

Never underestimate the lengths Republicans will go to have total control over women’s bodies.

Many people tweeted out about Missouri’s decision to control women’s bodies even more than they already do, and many of the responses to the news expressed their displeasure at the United States, and the fact that something like this can happen in 2017.

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