Seth Rogan Jokes About White Nationalist & Alt-Right Twitter Goes Full Racist


There is nothing better than a good joke. Comedians have the power to split our sides and make us laugh until we cry. Whether it’s movies or stand-up comics, people are drawn to a good joke. Actor Seth Rogan has been making viewers laugh for years with movies like Superbad, This Is The End, and more recently Bad Neighbors.

Today Rogan made a hilarious joke at the expense of white nationalist and bodyguard Antonio Foreman. Foreman is a bodyguard for fellow white nationalist Tim Gionet, who is a popular alt-right internet personality commonly known by the Twitter handle @BakedAlaska. Tim Gionet has openly promoted the idea that multiculturalism is a conspiracy to kill off white people.

Foreman was stabbed nine times while leaving a Trump supporters’ event in Santa Monica. Foreman got in an altercation with two men and was stabbed in a parking structure. Edgar Khodzhasaryan, 30, of Glendale, and Arsen Bekverdyan, 31, of Burbank, were both charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon, following the attack. The Los Angeles Times’ James Queally wrote this of Foreman:

‘Foreman is also affiliated with the Oath Keepers, according to Gionet. The Oath Keepers, a group comprised largely of former law enforcement officers and military veterans, often provides security for far-right protesters and at demonstrations in support of Trump.

The group has been described as “one of the largest radical anti-government groups” in the country, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks domestic extremists and hate groups.’

Rogan, who bears a striking resemblance to Antonio Foreman, tweeted this joke, today:

‘Just so everyone knows, I’m NOT a white nationalist, I have NOT been stabbed 9 times, and I DO have health insurance!’

Antonio Foreman’s employer, Tim Gionet, then told his 175,000 Twitter followers that the attack was racially motivated. Gionet told his followers that one of the alleged suspects shouted:

‘You’re getting the shank White Boy!’

Foreman was admitted into UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. He is currently in stable condition.

Rogan as a result of the joke was met with huge backlash from Gionet’s supporters. Here are some of their responses:

Featured Image via Getty/Michael Tran