Ivanka Trump Hit With Surprise Investigation Over Chinese & African Business Ties (DETAILS)


One of the many problems with Donald Trump’s decision to run the White House like a family business is that in the midst of all of his alleged wrongdoings, those closest to him are easily seen as complicit for no reason other than relation. However, in the case of his daughter, Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, they seem to have created independent messes of their own.

Now, one group is reporting that Ivanka is following in her father’s and husband’s footsteps, and not in a good way. According to Democrats Against Trump, Ivanka has been added to the list of those connected to Trump who are under investigation:

For those who feel the entire family needs to be removed from the White House, the tweet above came as no surprise and was received with excitement:

A few people pointed out that the names of those under investigation are adding up so quickly that it may be easier to remember those not under investigation:

One person alluded to the strange relationship that Ivanka has with her father:

All jokes aside, if this news is true, then it would be an unprecedented stain on American history to have so many key members of an administration be under investigation and be related. With that said, it seems everything about the Trump administration has been a series of unprecedented stains.

Featured Image via Getty/Mark Wilson/Staff