Trump’s Deplorable Saturday Plans Leaked By ‘Bloomberg News’ & America Is Outraged (IMAGES)


With the multiple investigations and lawsuits that President Trump is currently facing, one would think that he would want to stick close to home this weekend to at least try and create the illusion that he is a competent leader. Instead of pretending to do his job, though, Trump is once again away at one of his own properties.

Bloomberg‘s White House reporter, Jennifer Jacobs, revealed Trump’s current location via Twitter on Saturday morning.

‘President Trump arrives at Trump National golf club in Potomac Falls, Virginia.’

NBC’s White House reporter, Kelly O’Donnell, also tweeted about Trump’s location. She informed her followers that he is not playing golf today.

‘@potus @realDonaldTrump is at Trump National Golf Club but not playing per WH pool. Club hosting a members event.’

He might not be playing golf this particular weekend, but the president has still spent an inordinate amount of time on the course since his inauguration. According to a recent report from PolitiFact, President Trump has gone golfing at least 17 times in the last six months, more than triple the number of times President Obama went golfing during the first six months of his first term.

This weekend’s visit to his Virginia club will also be at least the 30th time that Trump has visited a golf course since the beginning of his presidency.

Whether he’s on the course or not, the comments on both O’Donnell and Jacobs’ tweets make it clear that the American people are getting tired of the president using their money to travel to and promote his own businesses.

Before he decided that a career in politics sounded like fun, Trump criticized President Obama repeatedly on Twitter for playing the occasional round of golf. During his campaign, he also told his supporters that he wouldn’t have time to go golfing because, unlike Obama, he would be busy working for them.

‘I’m going to be working for you, I’m not going to have time to go play golf.’

Clearly, Trump has time to play golf. He also seems to have time to promote his golf club on the American people’s dime.

The president’s hypocrisy is exhausting, but it’s definitely not surprising anymore.

Featured image via  Scott Halleran/Getty Images.