Eric Trump Goes On ‘Fox News Sunday’ And Humiliates His Entire Family (VIDEO)


The Trumps come from a world that is in no way connected to most Americans. The Trumps have lived their entire lives in opulence, never needing or left wanting for anything. Just a snap of their fingers and there it is on a silver platter. The Trumps have never had to live the lives of those the Democratic party has fought to give a voice to. It seems that Eric Trump, after living a life of the rich and famous, feels he has a place to criticize the work of our democratic leaders, who keep the needs of the other 99 percent in focus.

Eric Trump was on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo, and just couldn’t stifle his ignorance. Eric Trump hurled insults directed at the head of the DNC, Tom Perez, insinuating that the leadership of the DNC is lacking. Trump was fielding questions from Bartiromo, and stated that his father is not receiving enough credit, saying:

‘He’s been in office 150-something days, and I think he has accomplished more than any president arguably in history has over that same period of time.’

He quickly turned the interview into an attack on the Democratic National Committee. Trump said:

‘There’s not one Democrat that can come forward and say, ‘Hey, Obamacare is broken.’ Premiums have gone up double, triple, quadruple. Every doctor has opted out of it. All the major insurance companies, they want nothing to do with it. They have effectively turned their back on Obamacare. It’s a defunct system. It’s broken. It’s bankrupt.’

Host Maria Bartiromo, concurred with Trump that Obamacare is imploding, and asked how the president will handle the obstruction of justice charge in the face of democrats. Trump said:

‘I don’t necessarily think the message being spewed by the media — the mainstream media, most of them — is really resonating. If you look at the Democratic party — and I keep saying it — they’re imploding. They’ve got no leadership. They’ve got no message.’

He continued with:

‘If you look at the DNC, the DNC is half defunct. They’ve got no money in the bank. They have no operation. You look at the head of the DNC, he is, quite frankly, a nut job. I mean, what is the Democrats’ message right now. I mean, what are they running on. All they’re doing is obstructing. And it’s clearly not working.’

It’s obvious that Eric Trump is just as delusional as his father and that diarrhea of the mouth is genetic.

Here’s the video of Eric Trump on Sunday Morning Futures:

Featured Image via Getty/Jeff Vinnick