A Russian Intel Official Just Bought $8 Million In Trump Properties (DETAILS)


Russia seems to have quite the hold on Donald Trump. Everywhere you turn there is another Trump/Russian connection being discovered. Before becoming president, Trump made his mark in real estate and became famous because of his shrewd business manner, making Trump a big name in luxury real estate. Russia is no doubt a large country with long arms that circle the globe, but why is it that Russia seems to be involved so heavily with Donald Trump?

Igor Zorin is a Russian government official and has purchased over eight million dollars worth of real estate associated with Trump Palace in Miami, Florida. Zorin also has connections in Miami with Svyatoslav Mangushev, a Russian intelligence officer. Mangushev is also Miami real-estate investor who helped found a biker club called Spetsnaz M.C.. Zorin’s salary from Russia is $75,000 a year. He also runs a state-owned broadcasting company, which runs the sound systems for the annual military parade in Moscow.

Zorin and Mangushev both have ties to Russia and the United States. Russian security firms that have been linked to Mangushev have been given $2.4 million worth of contracts from Zorin’s agency since 2015. In Miami, Mangushev transferred a Florida company that owned a $1.5 million condo in Sunny Isles Beach out of his name and into Zorin’s. There was no deed of sale recorded. The condo is only one of three that Zorin owns in Trump Palace. Sunny Isles Beach is a popular spot for Russians looking to invest dirty money and is often locally referred to as Little Moscow. The rise in popularity among the Russian population in Miami’s Sunny Isles Beach has increased cost of homes there far higher than most locals can afford.

Ilya Shumanov of Transparency International said:

‘If a person needs to hide dirty money, my bet is that this person is going to South Florida. It is an ideal place for laundering money through luxury real estate. The prices are rising, the investment is protected and there are dozens of ways to hide the beneficial owner of an expensive condominium, house or villa.’

Whether Trump has been involved directly with Zorin is unknown, however, it should not be overlooked.

Here is a video about Trump joking about his Russian ties:

Featured Image via Getty/Jeff J. Mitchell