Conway Goes On ‘Fox & Friends’ & Humiliates Herself In 8 Seconds Flat (VIDEO)


Republicans are not taking criticism of their new healthcare bill well at all. Kellyanne Conway was hard at work today on Fox and Friends, doing damage control for the new ridiculous healthcare bill. U.S. Senate Republicans released the revised healthcare bill today. Some of the revisions include a six-month waiting period for people who have let their insurance coverage lapse over 63 days. This change is to deter people from dropping healthcare, keeping money in the pockets of insurance companies.

The new bill makes major cuts to Medicaid. Medicaid was expanded under Obamacare, allowing all U.S. citizens and legal residents with an income up to 133% of the poverty line to qualify for coverage in any state that participated in the Medicaid program. Kellyanne Conway said this today:

‘I’m not going to allow people, and detractors, and Trump haters to call me a liar because they don’t want to do the homework and look at what is actually happening to Medicaid.’

Conway defended the bill, indicating that Medicaid would continue operating as usual. She added:

‘Medicaid continues to be funded. Medicaid over time would be unsustainable and unaffordable because ObamaCare failed to bring the costs down for healthcare, so these states are having very difficult time meeting the bills. Medicaid is intended for the poor, the needy, and the sick. And what it’s done under ObamaCare, it’s expanded the Medicaid pool of people who, quote, qualified beyond that.’

Conway then added that those healthy enough to work should find an employer who will offer healthcare benefits. Conway also said that there will be cuts to Medicaid in order to keep the program sustainable. She continued with:

‘You keep calling them as cuts. We don’t see them as cuts. It’s slowing the rate of growth in the future and getting Medicaid back to where it was.’

Those cuts will affect millions of people in the United States who are dependent on Medicaid for healthcare that can not be afforded otherwise. The new bill as it stands is laughable and a disgrace. Leaving millions with the choice between food or healthcare.

For the full segment of Kellyanne Conway’s appearance on Fox and Friends, see below:

Featured Image via Getty/Aaron P. Bernstein