JUST IN: Alec Baldwin Drops Major SNL Announcement On CNN (DETAILS)


Alex Baldwin just gave CNN an SNL exclusive that is going to make Donald Trump’s head explode. Baldwin was in New York on Monday, plugging one of his new movies, when he said this to CNN about reprising his role as the president.

“Yea, we’re going to fit that in. I think people have enjoyed it.”

CNN reported that: “Baldwin has been non-committal in the past when asked about bringing his Trump impersonation back to Studio 8H this fall. In March, he said that he wasn’t sure he would keep playing Trump on ‘SNL,’ because he felt the audience couldn’t take much more of it.”

This is the 17th time Baldwin has portrayed Trump On SNL, and due to a very busy 2017 schedule, these future appearances will be few and far between.

Baldwin says that he enjoys playing Trump, and that nothing he does is out of necessity. Baldwin said:

“You get a little bit older and you think, ‘Do I want to work right now?’ For me the question is not what do I want to do [it’s] do I want to do anything? Do I want to work? I don’t need to work. Do I want to work or do I want to just take it easy and smell the roses or do something else? When I decide I want to go to work I look at what’s out there and pick something that’s the best that’s available to me.”

Check out this SNL clip via YouTube: