Trump’s W.H. Responds To CBO’s Harsh Score On Obamacare Repeal Like A Child


It’s no secret that Democratic lawmakers don’t support the GOP’s so-called health care bill. They’ve called it “cynical, immoral” and a tax bill disguised as health care legislation.  The proposed bill is said to have damning consequences for America’s most vulnerable people, and will leave tens of millions uninsured.

While the sentiments above aren’t new and have been expressed repeatedly by Democrats and others who simply don’t support the GOP’s plan, there have also been some non-partisan groups/entities to speak against the bill. In March, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its findings of the health care legislation.

Though there have been some minor tweaks to the bill, it essentially remains the same. Therefore, Republicans and the Trump administration shouldn’t be surprised by any negative feedback it receives from the CBO. However, because they seem to be able to dish out criticism with the best of them, but don’t do too well taking it, it appears that the Trump administration is not happy with the scores it received from the CBO.

Pretty much echoing its previous findings, among other things, the CBO’s latest evaluation of the GOP health care plan states that at least 22 million Americans will be left without insurance if the bill passes. That doesn’t account for those who would be under-insured and/or insured, but unable to afford medications and other care they need.

Once again showing how low they’ll go to condemn honest and unbiased entities that are in place to provide systems of checks and balances in an effort to protect Americans, the Trump administration released a scathing statement insulting the CBO, their work, and the level of integrity the office has.

Via statement released by the White House, Trump said:

‘The CBO has consistently proven it cannot accurately predict how healthcare legislation will impact insurance coverage.’

The Trump administration also tried to make a comparison that essentially can’t be made. They compared the number of people the CBO says will be uninsured in the GOP plan to the number of people the CBO reported would be insured under the Affordable Care Act, citing:

‘In 2013, the CBO estimated that 24 million people would have coverage under Obamacare by 2016. It was off by an astounding 13 million people – more than half—as less than 11 million were actually covered. Then, CBO estimated that 30 million fewer people would be uninsured in 2016, but then it had to reduce its estimate to 22 million, further illustrating its inability to present reliable healthcare predictions.’

Naturally, one of many flaws with this critique from the White House is that it doesn’t take into consideration the fact that far more people were insured by the ACA, than left uninsured/under-insured.

The Washington Post didn’t leave the CBO hanging. The paper defended the office by arguing:

‘Health-care experts on both sides of the aisle say that CBO is reliably nonpartisan, and that while perfectly forecasting the consequences of complicated legislation is essentially impossible, information from CBO is important for lawmakers to consider.’

Yes, Republicans should consider the information provided by the CBO. However, the sad reality is that as long as any part of that information is critical of the GOP, they won’t pay it any attention, even if failing to do so comes at the expense of American citizens.

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