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In a puzzling turn of events, Donald Trump supporters rallied this weekend at the Lincoln Memorial to demonstrate against political violence and for the right to free speech. The only problem was that the two groups attacked each other over…wait for it…free speech! It was utterly unbelievable.

Not only are the Democrats and the Republicans at odds with one another, its seems that Trump fans cannot get along either.  The two Trump groups were still at loggers’ heads over which of them was the right kind of Trump supporters at the sadly attended weekend rally.

PizzaGate conspiracy theorist and emcee Jack Posbiec wanted to be the right’s alternative to the “fake news.” At the same time, white nationalist Richard Spencer was all about keeping the white race and white culture pure. Neither has been willing to chuck it all in, and apparently, both agree that only one can survive.

Spencer commented to the Daily Beast:

‘It was actually far more pathetic than I had imagined.’

In the “I’m Okay ” and “You-Stink” split, Spencer stood on one side of the crevice and son of Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, Sr. lined up on the other. Their biggest beef? Each of them believed that he knew why big-time Trump confident Roger Stone failed to show at the poorly attended rally.

Spencer thought Stone stayed away, because he did not want to be caught with “pathetic” attendees. Posobiec thought it had more to do with security issues.

Gideon Resnick tweeted:

‘One of these guys is now talking about the pronunciation of “covfefe.”‘

One of these guys is now talking about the pronunciation of “covfefe” pic.twitter.com/izj2qlBpJ0

Posobiec had a ball, according to the Daily Beast:

‘It was a great event! I got a crowd of Trump supporters to sing “Give Peace a Chance” by John Lennon and that’s a testament to our commitment to peace and our stand against violence and violent rhetoric.’

The schism began after the November presidential election put their man in as leader of the free world. Then, right-wingers went to war over The Deplora-Ball inaugural function for Trump activists.

Spencer told the Daily Beast:

‘I think a lot of those people are really against intelligent people. If you’re a total goofball or someone who has no connection with the facts and reality, it’s like “ok you’re f*cking based.” They’re all just bad human beings. So many of them are just physically ugly people.

‘This is the just the beginning for us. I think it would be possible to have a rally on the mall for tens of thousands of people.’

Posobiec shrugged off  claims that his people at the rally were “ugly,” and he was not particularly interested in Spencer. He commented that he “doesn’t really follow” the man. Posobiec identified with the Sheriff David Clarke, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Donald Trump, Jr., and “POTUS himself” side of the team. He told the Daily Beast:

‘I want to have rallies all across the country, we are organizing and growing by leaps and bounds.’

Charlie Warzel tweeted:

Spencer believed the end result would be a form of survival of the fittest and pointed to the ones he believe they need to “weed out” from the Trump camp.

Time will tell.

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Featured Image: Charlie Warzel’s Twitter Page.