Trump Tweets Shameless Self Promotion & The Internet Is Letting Him Have It Good


President Trump has been busy promoting Fox News host Eric Bolling’s new book “The Swamp.” Today he re-tweeted this from the author:

On Thursday, Bolling laid out four actions Trump needs to take to drain the swamp. He says we need to “return America to being what it long has been: the place where the rest of the world looks to for freedom, opportunity, and investment.” Here are the four actions he outlines:

  1. Trump should follow his “business instincts, and treat the Oval office as if it were a boardroom.”
  2. The president should scale back federal business regulations so fewer exist.
  3. Trump should “reduce foreign aid commitments and focus on two crucial investments in America: our infrastructure and paying down our national debt.”
  4. Lastly, the president should “throw all the scoundrels out of Washington and bring in business-oriented individuals to run our government.”

Draining “the swamp” was the motto that Trump campaigned on prior to the election. Advocates who favored tougher laws on lobbying and political regulation have used this motto for years.

Also, none of the actions outlined in Bolling’s book mention ensuring that all Americans have quality, affordable healthcare or jobs that pay a living wage. It is all about looking out for the wealthy men and corporations.

In response to Trump’s promotion of  “The Swamp,” people posted these reactions on The Hill’s Facebook page:

‘I think we should start a new game called “What would Republicans say if Obama did this thing that Trump just did?” It would easily show the hypocrisy of Trump’s allies.’

‘I am not sure that most of his fans could afford to buy that book much less have time to read one.’

‘Fox news is Trump’s own QVC but that’s appropriate because Trump is just a lame infomercial for people who lack individuality and who don’t have the capacity to think for themselves.’

‘I’ll buy that book when I’m out of toilet paper.’

Throughout his campaign, Trump promised to “drain the swamp” by cleaning up Washington with ethics reforms. Perhaps the first ethics reform should involve throwing out the entire Trump administration and most of his Republican legislators. This is the largest swamp that exists right now.

A few days ago, Mike Lupica from The New York Daily News said:

‘For all of Donald Trump’s talk about draining the swamp in Washington, D.C., now comes this swamp thing of a health care bill from Sen. Mitch McConnell and the 12 other white Republican Senators in the room with him.’

Lupica is correct. Let’s clean up the White House swamp first.

Seth Meyers weighs in on Trump draining the swamp:

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