Women Storm Capitol Building In D.C. To Confront Lawmakers Over Health Care Bill


Planned Parenthood will be another victim of the Better Care Reconciliation Act. Planned Parenthood has been providing reproductive services for women for 100 years; providing cancer screenings, contraception, and treatments for sexually transmitted diseases. The organization began getting government funding in 1970. The budget cuts on Medicaid proposed in The better care reconciliation act, threaten the future of Planned Parenthood.

Unlike so many other healthcare providers, Planned Parenthood accepts Medicaid patients and relies on Medicaid reimbursements as well as private donations. The organization receives approximately $500 million a year in reimbursements alone, a cut to that funding would be detrimental. Planned Parenthood could not survive on private donations alone; should the Senate choose to vote in favor of the Better Care Reconciliation Act, Planned Parenthood’s 2.5 million patients would no longer have access to their services.

The Better Care Reconciliation Act threatens to slash Medicaid funding, states would receive less and less funding each year for low income households. The bill will also allow states to create provisions in which people would need to maintain employment in order receive Medicaid. The Better Care Act also states that no plan purchased using any funding from the bill can cover abortions, basically defunding Planned Parenthood.

Today in Washington, women gathered and protested the new bill that threatens women’s freedom to choose. The women were dressed in costumes from the Hulu program: A Handmaid’s Tale. The show is about women who are used solely for the purpose of reproducing children for elite families, who are ritually raped repeatedly. Stephanie Craddock Sherwood, executive director of the Ohio abortion fund, Women Have Options (WHO) said:

‘The Handmaid’s Tale is based on what actually has happened to women throughout history, where women have been essentially narrowed down to their reproductive abilities. Any limits to reproductive healthcare access, on birth control and abortion access, is essentially forcing women into pregnancy and motherhood. It’s limiting our futures and lives, so that we are only our uteruses and our reproductive ability.’

Their presence in Washington is sending a message, that women are standing up for the choice to choose and want the Senate to hear them.

The Senate Republicans have postponed the vote on the bill until after the July 4 recess.

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Featured Image via Getty/ Saul Loeb