Eric Trump’s Wife Has LIVE On-Air Public Meltdown & The Video Went Viral In Seconds


The Trumps are suffering. Scrambling all over, trying to talk themselves into believing that liberals are the source of their problems when it’s actually Donald senior. Deferring blame is another one of the Trump family’s traditions that they do best. Donald Trump has been in one catastrophe after the next and there is no sign of that stopping.

The fact is Trump is in dire straights because of his own ignorance. No one individual made Trump attempt to halt the investigation into Mike Flynn; he did that on his own. Trump is the root of his problems, and no one in his family cares enough to inform him of that.

Lara Trump, who is married to Trump’s son Eric, just went on tirade about Democrats having no leadership and no message. Lara also implied that the recent controversy surrounding her father in-law is a result of sore losing.

The truth is, he got busted, and no amount of bashing liberals is going to change that.

Here is the video of Lara Trump on Hannity:

Featured Image via Getty/John Lamparski