Trump Approval Polls From Around The World Are In; Results Are Unprecedented & Alarming


Donald Trump has single-handedly managed to lose the popularity contest of the world and Twitter has pounced upon him. For a guy who owned the Miss Universe Pageant, he certainly did not learn much about how to win friends and influence people. Although the confidence in Trump dropped like a rock in the last Pew Poll, two countries still believed he was a winner. He did not even have to put on a bathing suit and stroll back and forth across the stage to win their hearts.

After President Barack Obama left office, confidence in 45 plunged in 35 of 37 countries, all except Israel and Russia:

‘Confidence in the US president has dropped in 35 of 37 countries since Obama left office — all but Israel and Russia.’

Pew’s annual survey interviewed people around the world and asked them, “would the U.S. president ‘do the right thing’ regarding world affairs?”

Trump came in at an all-time low for Sweden, which dropped him to 10 percent, while President Obama came in at a whopping 93 percent in the Scandinavian country. European countries defined their confidence in Trump as low as 7 percent.

Then there was Israel, which increased its confidence in the sitting president’s confidence to do right in the world. The biggest leap in belief in Trump came in a mind-blowing 42 percent from, you guessed it, Russia.

Unfortunately, the nation’s closest allies have little belief that Trump would come to their aid. Germany, France, and the U.K. have distanced themselves from the U.S.’ erratic former leader of the free world.

This poll led to tweets that pounded the orange president. Yet, there are still the Trump diehards in this country, which sadly showed up in the last tweet below:

Apparently, the last tweeter has found himself in Trump’s alternative reality. Sad.

Featured Image: Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla.