Sports Illustrated Releases Anti-Trump Cover Photo For The Ages; Tantrum Imminent


On Tuesday, it was revealed that the self image obsessed president has been displaying a fake TIME Magazine cover in a number of his golf clubs, for years; although, to be sure, it’s not clear if Trump knew that the cover was fake. He almost certainly did think that it was legitimate, however, with him having routinely, to the puzzlement of many, gotten the number of times that he’s been on the cover of the publication wrong.

Sports Illustrated clapped back at Trump’s fake cover in a Tuesday Twitter post, and it’s glorious.

Trump has claimed that he has been featured on the cover of TIME Magazine more times than anyone else. That claim is false; President Richard Nixon holds that distinction. The only time that the president appeared on the cover of TIME Magazine prior to launching his 2016 presidential bid was in January 1989.

The fake TIME cover that has been displayed in four of the president’s golf clubs appears to be from the publication’s March 1, 2009, issue. It has a couple of obvious giveaways as to its falseness, including the fact that the red outer border is smaller than normal and the fact that one of the cover’s subheadings has an exclamation point. TIME doesn’t include exclamation points on its covers.

Two of the cover’s subheadings are from the actual March 2, 2009, issue of TIME Magazine, which had a cover story about actress Kate Winslet. The purported cover story from the fake March 2009 TIME cover story about Trump is about the belligerent businessman’s old television program, The Apprentice. Ironically, one of the subheadings on the fake cover which does not correspond to an actual story is about global warming, and Trump has routinely sought to discredit global warming science.

Check out a comparison of the fake March 2009 cover featuring Trump and the real cover featuring Winslet below.

The Washington Post is the publication to first expose the fake cover; White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders did not comment about whether or not the president knew it was fake.

Sports Illustrated‘s clapback to Trump is in the form of a SI cover posted to Twitter with no cover image, along with the caption:

“Put yourself on the cover of SI. We won’t tell anyone it’s fake.”

Check it out below.

Twitter obviously thought this was a great idea, and you can check out responses — including an array of mockingly Trump themed covers — below.

Featured Image via SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images