Latest Fox News Poll Results Are In – Definite Trump Betrayal Looms Over W.H.


The manner in which Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell (R-KY, Paul Ryan (R-WI), and other members of the GOP are willing to sell-out hardworking Americans, while simultaneously giving millions of dollars in tax breaks to drug and insurance companies, is nothing short of disgusting. For these reasons the only people who see good in their so-called health care legislation is Republicans who have buy-in to Trump’s fallacies, and Trump supporters who don’t seem to realize that the very bill they’re supporting, will cause their demise.

Sadly, tax breaks for wealthy corporations and stiff penalties for America’s most vulnerable people aside, the other reality regarding the GOP death care bill is that the biggest reason Trump has targeted the Affordable Care Act as he has, is because it’s an initiative of President Obama – a fact that Obama himself has acknowledged. After all, it’s Trump’s desire to undo what President Obama did, that allowed Trump to gain so much momentum on the campaign trail and thus far into his time in office.

However, as people face the hard truths about how Republicans are in essence looking to set millions of Americans up for failure, even some of the most hard core Obama haters are having to admit that the Affordable Care Act, especially when compared to TrumpCare, may not be so bad after all. This fact is so undeniable, even Fox News had to concede to it:

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Known for their highly sensationalized anti-President Obama rhetoric, Fox News almost never has anything good to say about anything associated with the Obama administration. Serving as an indication of just how serious the raging health care debate is, as well as how deplorable the GOP legislation is for Americans, Fox News released a poll that shows that even among their viewers, favorable opinions of the Affordable Care Act are higher than unfavorable ones.

That’s not all! The number of those who support the Affordable Care Act has steadily increased, a stark contradiction to Trump administration propaganda that everyone hates ObamaCare, it’s horrible, it’s ineffective, etc.

Could Fox News’ pseudo endorsement of the Affordable Care Act be a sign that more Americans need to stand as part of the resistance against Trump’s American Health Care Act? Maybe, it is, maybe it’s not.

However, one thing is for sure, Fox’s willingness to release anything positive about an Obama initiative, is about as close as one can get to watching a ship’s captain jump off the ship as it sinks, as one can get. If Fox News is in any way jumping off the metaphoric ship that is the GOP death care plan, others need to as well.

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