JUST IN: Trump Arrives At His D.C. Hotel To A Very Unwelcome Surprise (VIDEO)


Despite the fact that he’s only been in office for six months, President Trump held a reelection fundraiser at his Washington, D.C. hotel on Wednesday evening. While attendees — who paid between $35,000 and $100,000 to be there — listened to remarks from the president, a crowd gathered outside to protest him.

Photos and videos from the protest have been making the rounds on social media. Check out some of the footage below:

Those who couldn’t be there in person have also been sharing their support for the protesters — and their disdain for Trump — on Twitter.


There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Trump’s fundraiser over the last few days, mainly due to the fact that the White House reneged on their promise that reporters would be allowed in.

In an email to reporters on Wednesday afternoon, deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that they would not be able to attend the fundraiser because of “logistical challenges.”

‘Unfortunately there was some confusion with the (Republican National Committee) and due to the logistical challenges bringing in the press at this late moment is not going to be possible.’

According to CNN, the event was originally meant to be closed to the press. Then, after receiving significant backlash, the president and his staff decided to allow in only the White House press pool. However, just a few hours before the fundraiser started, Huckabee Sanders sent the email announcing that the event was officially closed to all reporters.

Wednesday’s fundraiser was Trump’s first reelection event. As CNN also pointed out, both Presidents Obama and George W. Bush held their first reelection fundraisers — which were open to the press — about three years into their first terms.

Perhaps Trump is starting his reelection efforts so early because he thinks he’ll need extra time to raise enough money for a second campaign. There’s also the possibility that he just needs a distraction from the investigations and lawsuits he’s currently facing. Whatever his reason, his decision to ban reporters — especially after they’ve already been locked out of a week’s worth of press briefings — has clearly not done him any favors.

Featured image via Scott Olson/Getty Images.