Trump Lying About Chemical Weapons To Start War According To Explosive Report


The senior editor of The Grayzone Project on Alternet, Max Blumenthal, just gave a bombshell interview in which he laid claims that Donald Trump is basically using terrorist group ISIS to start a war in Syria.

Blumenthal sat with Content’s Ben Dixon when he said this about the western war against Assad’s government, the Syrian war converging into one war, and America’s role in it:

“What the U.S. has done is two things, which I think are very very dangerous and anyone who’s concerned about a war, possibly a world war, should understand these.”

“The first is they’ve armed a group called the Syrian Defense Force, which is mostly Kurdish to prevent the Syrian government from retaking Raqqa.”

“Then, the U.S. has brought a group of special forces soldiers to a border crossing between Syria and Iraq. They are operating within a 100 kilometer perimeter. They just brought in advanced, long-range rocket systems and established basically a U.S. base near the Iraqi border. And the whole point of that base is to prevent the contiguity between Iran, Iraq, (which is a mostly Shi’ite country) and Syria, and to effect a kind of partition.”

“This puts the U.S. potentially in direct conflict with Iran and it’s Shia militia, and if the U.S. continues attacking Iran, they could strike back, and this could escalate at any minute, so it’s an incredibly dangerous scenario.”

Blumenthal continued by blaming the Trump Administration for continuing to escalate the issues in Syria, causing chaos, destruction, and certain death for civilians on the ground. And all in the name of terrorism. He says:

“If the U.S. was not there, we would see Syria kind of, a deescalation in Syria, but the U.S. doesn’t want that to happen, at least elements within the Trump administration don’t.”

“The U.S. claims it’s acting in self defense, but it would be like Russia taking over a neighborhood in Brooklynn, and then when the U.S. attempts to.. gets near it, it attacks the U.S. military, and then they claim self defense.”

Blumenthal goes on to say that Trump will do anything he can to gain the approval of anyone. He will literally kill someone just to get the Islamophobic midwest to cheer him. The Trumps are fed up after losing their respected stature since inauguration day, and if the president sees an attack as a possible way to gain the praise of the uninformed, he will seize it, no matter the cost.

Blumenthal talks about how falsities in the media have people believing that Assad is preparing for a chemical attack with no evidence confirming it, and the dangers that awaits us if we attack based on unsubstantiated claims..again:

“Why would Assad prepare a chemical weapon strike, is the question. He has virtually defeated the rebels.”

He says that Assad has no need for a chemical weapons strike when he is literally going on a campaign of sorts, shaking hands of leaders of the resistance.

It sort of makes sense. Why would Assad attack without provocation when 2017 has been such a banner year for him?

Don’t let another Republican regime convince you of going to war in the Middle East to protect Americans from the danger of Muslim extremists. This has nothing to do with ISIS. This all could be a feeding tube to the fragile ego engrained in the current leader of the free world.

Don’t fall for it. Fight.

Check out the interview below:

Content Interviews Max Blumenthal On Trump And Chemical Weapon…

Ben Dixon sits down with Max Blumenthal to discuss Trump leading us into another war with his claim about chemical weapons. Visit for more!

Posted by Content on Wednesday, June 28, 2017