Ivanka’s Product Factory Manager Bludgeons Employee With High Heeled Shoes


Despite the fact that President Trump has spewed a “Buy American” rhetoric, Ivanka Trump still outsources the manufacturing of most of her line of clothing to contractors located in China.

The company that manufactures Ivanka’s brand of shoes is Ganzhou Huajian International Shoe City Co. A story has emerged from this factory of a worker finding themselves bloody after being hit in the head with a high heeled shoe, of all things.

The Associated Press spoke with multiple former workers who gave details, describing their coworker as “bleeding right from the middle of the head.” A former worker who had left the job due to the long hours and low pay stated, “there was a lot of blood. He went to the factory’s nurse station, passing by me.”

The attack came from an angry manager who bludgeoned the employee in the head repeatedly. The most disturbing part of this story is that these sorts of beatings are not uncommon in the plant, although witnesses say the incident with the shoe was violent enough to stand out in their mind.

In addition to the constant threat of physical violence, the workers at the factory that manufactures Ivanka’s shoes have also reported that often times they must work overtime with hours stretching far past midnight. They also have been subject to verbal abuse and unreasonable production quotas.

China Labor Watch claimed the company forces workers to sign pay stubs that have amounts much less than the workers should have earned. Workers are threatened with loss of their jobs if they refuse to fill in questionnaires about the conditions in which they are working with predetermined answers. Workers have also said that the company pressures workers into not speaking about the conditions of their workplace with those outside of the factory.

The founder of China Labor Watch, Li Qiang claims that in nearly two decades of investigating labor abuse, the Ganzhou factory is one of the worst that he has ever seen. The group states that pay can be as low as a dollar an hour, which is in violation of the labor laws in China. According to investigators with China Labor Watch, up until very recently, workers would often only get two days or less off in a whole month.

It is already commonly known that this particular company is filled with human rights violations. Human rights advocates in China have slammed the company repeatedly and two labor activists were arrested earlier in the year for attempting to document the dire conditions within the plant.

Huajian Group refused to respond to any specific questions but of course denied all allegations, claiming that they were “completely not true to the facts, taken out of context, exaggerated.” The company claims that they operate everything as they should in accordance with the law and that China Labor Watch has “invented so-called facts.” Hmm, does that not sound like something President Trump himself would say?

China Labor Watch has requested that Ivanka Trump cut ties with the factory, but has yet to receive a reply.

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