Trump’s Wednesday Night Fundraiser Rant Leaked Online – Scene Was Chaotic


There were no cameras or reporters allowed in the room, but leaks to the media came almost instantaneously as President Trump held a fundraiser that some are calling illegal.

It appears Trump was caught in the throes of passion during an event he threw Wednesday evening to raise money for his reelection campaign in 3 years. This is unheard of throughout history, and just another example of Trump running the White House like his own personal business scheme with no true regard for the consequences of his actions.

Locking the media out of the event seemingly made Trump a little more secure, and comfortable enough to rant like a raving lunatic for the entirety of his speech.

The leaks hit Twitter instantly:

Based on the subject matter of his psychotic tantrum, Trump isn’t asking donors to donate with any promises of a better tomorrow, or even getting Republicans back in control of things; it’s founded on spite and childishness alone.

Obama’s ethics lawyer says the entire event was illegal. Norm Eisen said this via a 5-tweet post:

Trump’s presence at his D.C. hotel was met with roars from protesters lined up in the street. Video of the melee was posted on Twitter: