BREAKING: House Appropriations Committee Relinquishes Trump Of Wartime Power


Trump’s power to wage war in the Middle East is being ripped away from him, and it’s safe to say Trump’s fragile ego is taking quite the pounding Thursday morning.

The Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) was initially created after the 9/11 terror attacks so the country could hastily go to war with any country that may prove fruitful for the U.S.. George W. Bush used the law to bring Iraq to it’s knees in an unwarranted attack that devastated the nation and gave birth to what would become ISIS.

According to the Congressional Research Service:

“Article II of the Constitution makes the President Commander in Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, and gives the President certain foreign affairs powers. It is debated to what extent Article II authorizes the President to unilaterally use military force, especially given Congress’s Article I war powers, including the power to declare war.”

Politicians have been terrified about Trump using the AUMF to jump into another war since the day he took office, but as of Thursday, Trump no longer has the authority to wage war without a determination process with actual members of government.

As of Thursday morning, the House Appropriations Committee approved an amendment that will revoke the AUMF law all together, leaving President Trump unable to dictate alone whether or not the United States enters another war.

The amendment now has to pass the Senate, and it is unknown how they will vote on this one. Republicans may fight the amendment for the sole reason of retaining the power they are so desperately clinging to Trump for; ignoring the fact that leaving the law in place could greatly endanger, not only foreigners, but Americans who have to live with whatever backlash these attacked nations unleash on us.

Democratic Rep Barbara Lee of California created the amendment, and says it would rescind:

“The overly broad 2001 Authorization of Use of Military Force, after a period of 8 months after the enactment of this act, giving the administration and Congress sufficient time to decide what measures should replace it.”

Congress now has a set timeframe in which they have to decide what will replace the law, but the general liberal consensus is that a man like Donald Trump should never have the kind of power the AUMF provides at his fingertips, and a law protecting him firmly in place.

Lee says she was against the AUMF bill from the very beginning:

“I knew then it would provide a blank check to wage war anywhere, anytime, for any length by any president.”

Kay Granger (R-TX) was the only person on the committee to vote against revoking Trump’s ability to go to war frivolously, saying that the AUMF:

“is necessary to fight the global war on terrorism. The amendment is a deal breaker and would tie the hands of the U.S. to act unilaterally or with partner nations with regard to al Qaeda and … affiliated terrorism. It cripples our ability to conduct counterterrorism operations.”

This is the best news liberals have gotten since January 20th.