Artist Reveals Brilliant Anti-Trump Statue Near Chicago’s Trump Tower (IMAGES)


A new art installment was erected near Chicago’s Trump Tower Thursday. The gold block letters stand roughly five feet and read “REAL FAKE” in bold, three-dimensional print.

The artists name is Scott Reeder and the Chicago Tribune insists “don’t read anything into the city of Chicago’s decision” to allow the installation of the art sculpture.

A city spokeswoman for Chicago, Christine Carrino, told the Chicago Tribune that “any insult is entirely in the beholder’s eye.”

The sculpture is located at the intersection of Wabash Avenue and Wacker Drive, across the river from Trump Tower in Chicago. The spot is known for being a frequented tourist spot for those looking to take photos, to which Carrino adds, “what’s wonderful about art is that it is completely open to interpretation.”

The sculpture was installed by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events on Monday evening and is on loan to the city by the artist. The sculpture is one of five pieces of art that were selected to be displayed along the Chicago Riverwalk. Carrino insists that, despite the way things may seem, the installment spots were chosen prior to selecting the art.

Reeder, the sculpture artist, created the piece in 2013 and was not able to be reached for comment by the Chicago Tribune. Although it might not have been created with Trump in mind, it’s oddly fitting, especially considering the placement.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is among those without comment. In 2014 Emanuel commented on the “TRUMP” sign that was installed near the riverfront saying that it was “in very poor taste.”

So far, the White House has no comment on the art installation.

Featured Image via Getty Images