JUST IN: Fox News Contributor Announces Resignation LIVE On-Air (VIDEO)


In April of this year, Julie Roginksy, a Democratic contributor for Fox News, made headlines when she filed a lawsuit against the network accusing former CEO Roger Ailes of sexual harassment. Roginsky was in the news again on Thursday afternoon after she announced on air that she was resigning from her position at Fox News.

In a brief statement at the end of her web series The Clapback, Roginsky told viewers that Thursday’s episode would be her last. She didn’t provide any details about her decision to leave; instead, she simply said that she has enjoyed her time hosting the show and working with the network.

‘Today marks my last episode of “The Clapback” and my last week at Fox. Hopefully you’ve learned words can cut really deep but you can also stand up to trolls, teach them something bigger and be the bigger woman.

‘I’ve enjoyed it; I’ve enjoyed you. Thank you so much for watching “The Clapback,” thank you so much for watching me on TV all these years. One of the joys in my life was interacting with you, whether it was agreeing with you, or clapping back at you.’

It seems safe to say that Roginsky’s decision to leave Fox News was influenced, at least in part, by the harassment lawsuit that was filed in the New York York Supreme Court just two months ago.

The lawsuit states that Ailes tried to coerce Roginsky into having a relationship with him in exchange for a promotion to co-host of the show The Five. 

‘Ailes…volunteered the advice that Roginsky should engage in sexual relationships with “older, married, conservative men” because “they may stray but they always come back because they’re loyal.” Ailes also remarked that he was loyal but that loyalty was a two-way street. These comments and their delivery made it clear that Ailes wanted a sexual relationship with Roginsky.’

Roginsky has also claimed that the job co-hosting The Five ultimately went to Geraldo Rivera because she repeatedly rejected Ailes’ advances.

Watch Roginsky’s announcement about her resignation in the video below, courtesy of Fox News. Her comments about leaving the network start at 2:58.

Featured image is a screenshot from the video.