Melania Trump Issues Bombshell Response To Trump’s Mika Attack – Buckle Up


Melania Trump isn’t known for being classy by a conventional standard. The former nude model likes to strut in pantsuits, and conservatives call her classy, but liberals know what true class is, and it’s not a woman who has to take her clothes off for notoriety, or marry a wealthy, yet douchey, business mogul so she can live in a house made of gold. You know, the stuff that really matters in life.

So when Melania responded to the backlash her husband received after he verbally attacked MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski’s appearance during an early Thursday morning Twitter tirade, it went viral fast. Here are the childish remarks from the president of the United States below:

Not only did he go after her looks like a petulant child, but he also called her stupid. The man who can barely piece a sentence together. Trump was 1000 percent in the wrong, and it is typical of a man who knows no other way to combat a strong woman than to attack her appearance.

Mika quickly fired back with a hilarious Twitter picture:

Melania was apparently not pleased with Brzezinski’s response, and issued one of her own.

Stephanie Grisham is Melania’s spokesperson. She released the following statement to CNN:

“As the first lady has stated publicly in the past, when her husband gets attacked, he will punch back 10 times harder.”

We know that, lady. We get it fully by now. Your husband is a foul-mouthed, insecure, childish, vulgar, sexual assaulter who is so defeated by a woman’s criticism that he is blinded by an immaturity found in most toddlers. No one cares what Mika said, she’s a talking head. We care about the behavior and mental stability of the man the electoral college chose to run the country.

Go buy something, Melania, and leave the thinking to people with the capacity to do so.