BREAKING: At Least Six People Hit By Active Shooter At Major Hospital (DETAILS)


At least six people have been reported shot during an active shooter situation taking place at a hospital in the Bronx, NY. One person has been confirmed dead, and a group of others are fighting for their lives this afternoon after a deranged gunman stormed his former place of employment, the Lebanon Hospital Center in the Bronx.

Friday afternoon, the NYPD responded to reports of an active shooter.

According to NBC, the entire building is under a tight lockdown as the scene is assessed and the victims, who are mostly doctors, are treated for their wounds.

Victims were found on different floors of the hospital, a female doctor on the 17th floor, and five others on the 16th floor.

According to NBC:

“The assault rifle-wielding gunman at Bronx Lebanon Hospital was dressed in a white medical coat when he shot five people on the 16th floor of the hospital shortly before 3 p.m.”

The gunman then tried to set himself on fire, but the sprinkler system was activated, and the fire department was notified. By the time he was found, he had shot himself to death.

UPDATE: The gunman doctor Henry Bello 45, who had recently been fired from his position at the hospital. He has been reported dead by law enforcement.

UPDATE: A press conference is being held now. Check out the feed from Twitter: