JUST IN: Trump Team Under FBI Investigation For Stalking Scheme (DETAILS)


In 2016, a convicted con-man described by his lawyer as “mentally ill” catfished a number of prominent anti-Trump GOP operatives, including Rick Wilson, Liz Mair, and Cheri Jacobus. Steven Wessel built personal relationships with these people, having “gushed in emails, phone calls and Twitter messages about (made-up) extramarital affairs with the likes of the late Lee Atwater, showered marks with gift cards to the swanky Mandarin Oriental, and invited them to go pheasant-hunting in Scotland,” according to a report from POLITICO.

Now, one of those targeted says that the FBI is investigating the Trump team on account of allegations that they put Wessel up to it. Jacobus tweeted the link to a late 2016 write-up of the incident in POLITICO, highlighting one particular sentence:

‘Jacobus brought information about the scheme to the federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York.’

Some of the information that the FBI eventually got included details about a hack of Jacobus’ private email account.

Now, Jacobus says, federal investigators have acted on the information she provided to them.

In response to someone commenting on her post and writing, “Bleeping hell. This is awful,” Jacobus wrote, “It’s yet another FBI investigation of Trump & his people. FBI doesn’t want me revealing it, but I want it public. I kept quiet for months.”

In one of her many further replies on the subject, Jacobus says that even though the incident took place last year, there has been “no delay” on the part of the FBI. She wrote that “going public could have hurt the investigation earlier,” adding that she is “hoping they now are far enough along w/possible grand jury.”

Jacobus isn’t the only one of those targeted by the scheme who has expressed concern that the whole thing was orchestrated by a Trump ally. Rick Wilson, for instance, says that only someone with significant political experience would have been able to come up with the questions that Wessel asked of him, and he doubts that Wessel possesses such experience. The POLITICO report on the incident from late 2016 noted that at the time, Wessel’s motives for his catfishing — outside of possible urging from the Trump campaign — remained “murky.”

The Trump team, as Jacobus notes, is under investigation by the FBI on a number of other issues related to their possible illegal attempts to sway the outcome of the election.

Featured Image via Pete Marovich/Bloomberg via Getty Images