Kellyanne Conway Goes On GMA To Defend Trump’s Mika Rant & Gets Humiliated


Kellyanne Conway went on ABC’s Good Morning America today to defend President Trump and his recent sexist tweets. Yesterday, Trump went on an early morning, completely over-the-top Twitter rant attacking Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezkinski. Here is what he tweeted:

‘…to Mara-a-Lago 3 nights in a row around New Year’s Eve, and insisted on joining me. She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no!’

Many people have responded to his lewd misogynistic tweet including celebrities:

Conway went on to blame the media, saying that Trump has a right to respond to attacks against him. She continued to paint the president as a victim. She said:

‘The toxicity both ways… uh, coming to the president is terrible.’

Next, she had the gall to say that it wasn’t Trump’s sexism doing real harm to women in this country but the media. She said:

‘The idea that the media, large parts of the media anyway, are covering personal insults about the president, this invective, and really denying America’s women their rightful knowledge of what he’s doing for them on taxes, on health care, and infrastructure.’

Host George Stephanopoulos then quickly reminded her that the media would not be talking about Trump’s sexist tweets if he hadn’t posted them! Also, the media can’t really report on Trump’s tax reform plan because he hasn’t really come out with a concrete plan yet.

Twitter responded immediately to Conway’s appearance:

Sadly, there are people who completely believe the Kellyanne routine and all of the garbage. She can’t trick most of America though. The President of the United States really does tweet and perpetuate extreme sexism.

Washington lawyer Debra Katz talked to the Washington Post about how her clients feel sidelined because of their age and gender. There was more to this tweet than sexism. Katz, who handles workplace discrimination lawsuits, said:

‘In one tweet, he hit on the vulnerability that many women feel as they age. It has nothing to do with their ability to do their work. It has everything to do with how they look.’

Many women encounter harassment at their jobs as they begin to age because of how they look. The issue is real and the fact that the President of The United States puts it up on a social platform for all to see speaks volumes to these women. Katz said:

‘What is terrible about this kind of messaging from the president is that other people repeat it — “If the president can say it, I can say it.” I’m afraid it makes things worse.’

Watch the Kellyanne Conway interview here.

Featured image is a screenshot from Good Morning America.