BREAKING: At Least Eight People Hit By Multiple Gunmen In Busy City Street


Eight people were hit by bullets while standing in a crowded street Sunday evening, and the motive appears to be Islam. The people who were hit were all piling out of a mosque and into the streets of Avignon, France.

The suspects fled the scene immediately after spraying the street with bullets, and police in Avignon are now on the lookout. According to reports, the gunmen arrived on the scene by vehicle at about 10:30pm. Reports say that one man had a handgun, while the other was armed with a rifle.

A 7-year old girl seems to be the youngest victim as a family of four was his by shrapnel at a nearby apartment.

UPDATE 6:09pm PST:

According to UPI:

“The shooting, which has not been ruled an act of terrorism, took place in Avignon, Provence in southern France at approximately 10:30 p.m. Sunday. Among the injured was a seven-year-old girl.”

It is believed the act was gang-related, as opposed to a target on Muslims.

People are taking to twitter to express their anger and heartbreak. Here are some of the responses below:

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