Latest Gallup Approval Poll Results Are In – W.H. Staff On Trump Tantrum Watch


In a situation that’s especially ironic considering one of the most recent things that the president tweeted, the level of approval among the American public for President Trump’s performance while in office thus far remains down in the dumps in the latest edition of the daily Gallup presidential approval rating poll.

In the edition of the poll covering July 1, only 37 percent of Americans were measured as approving of the president. In the same poll, 57 percent of Americans were recorded as actively disapproving of the president’s job performance. The remainder had no opinion.

The last time that the president’s approval rating was measured by Gallup as being above 40 percent was a week and a half ago. Before that, the president’s approval rating was last measured as above 40 percent in the end of May.

As for Trump’s disapproval rating, it hit a record high of 60 percent in the June 12 edition of Gallup’s daily poll. In that same poll, Trump’s approval rating was measured by Gallup as 36 percent.

Trump’s disapproval rating reaching 60 percent is a quality of his administration that he shares with the most recent Republican president, George W. Bush, but it is not a quality that his administration shares with the administrations of either of the two most recent Democratic presidents, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

What makes Trump’s continuously low approval rating especially ironic is something that he tweeted on Sunday, the same day that the July 1 edition of Gallup’s daily tracking poll came out.

Trump wrote:

‘Stock Market at all time high, unemployment at lowest level in years (wages will start going up) and our base has never been stronger!’

Really, Trump? Your “base has never been stronger”? Well where are they? Either you’re delusional, or the only “base” that you really care about is a minority of Americans whose interests do not represent those of the United States at large — or both.

The president would surely like to call the negative ratings he gets in Gallup’s daily poll fake news, but there’s a certain inability to call a disapproval that is literally tangible in the form of protests, etc., “fake.”

Check out the trend lines of the president’s approval and disapproval ratings according to Gallup below.

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