Major Trump Supporter & Former Congressman Turns On Trump Over CNN Tweet


Donald Trump has caused himself to be labeled as anti-freedom of the press and anti-anyone/anything who/that doesn’t agree with him. This immature train of thought and associated behaviors led to him being in an adversarial relationship with the same media that once saturated televisions and the Web with the Hillary Clinton email stories that propelled Trump to his Electoral College win.

Somewhere along the line, the media, which arguably helped Trump win the Electoral College, turned into the media that Trump abhors, attacks, and openly spars with. However, on Sunday Trump may have taken things too far.

Donald Trump started Sunday with a childish tweet portraying himself as a wrestler slamming and otherwise beating up his opponent. The opponent just so happened to be labeled as CNN:

While Trump’s sense of entitlement allowed him to feel no shame for his tweet, critics condemned his post as “crude, false, and unpresidential.” Ironically, Trump’s critics aren’t the only ones who feel Trump’s tweet was out of order and not funny.

Radio show host, former Congressman, and vocal Trump supporter, Joe Walsh (R-IL) did what Republicans have seemed too scared to do here of late. Walsh spoke against Donald Trump. With that said, it’s important to note that Walsh’s condemnation of Trump didn’t stand alone; he felt the need to attempt to put Trump’s actions on the same level as comedian Kathy Griffin’s:

Walsh was met with some support for his willingness to speak-out against Trump’s post:

Others weren’t as kind to Walsh. Suggesting that holding a comedian and Trump to the same standard is inappropriate, these social media users weren’t impressed with Walsh’s tweet:

It’s true that Griffin should in no way be held to the same level of accountability as Trump. However, Rome wasn’t built in a day and perhaps acknowledging Walsh’s willingness to speak against Trump will encourage others to do the same.

Featured Image via Getty/Tom Williams/Contributor