Stephen Hawking Issues Anti-Trump Statement That Will Make You Stand & Cheer


As the self-proclaimed greatest nation in the world, the United States is expected to lead by example. Unfortunately, far too many times since the Trump administration moved into power, America has been cast as the example not to be followed. From matters of diversity and equality, to the environment, Donald Trump has set the stage for the U.S. to be viewed as the world’s laughing stock.

Few issues have caused America to be the source of the world’s laughter more than Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement. Putting the U.S. in something of an adversarial position with countries that have long been allies, Trump’s decision was earmarked by his asinine and highly embarrassing, “Pittsburgh not Paris” remarks.

With his failure to acknowledge that Pittsburgh, as well as the nation as a whole, are part of a larger global community, Trump pompously disregarded America’s need to do its part to preserve the Earth’s natural resources and protect the planet for future generations. As a result of his decision, Trump received harsh criticism from a broad spectrum of leaders.

Now, as he prepares to celebrate his 75th birthday, world renowned scientist, Stephen Hawking, is also speaking out against the Trump administration. Hawking blasted Trump, arguing that climate change is “one of the greatest dangers we face” and telling the BBC:

‘By denying the evidence for climate change, and pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, Donald Trump will cause avoidable environmental damage to our beautiful planet, endangering the natural world, for us and our children.’

Hawking made it clear that he believes Trump’s decision could be the straw that breaks the Earth, citing that by not participating in the Paris Agreement, Trump is contributing to pushing Earth “over the brink, to become like Venus.” Hawking’s allusion to Venus is especially frightening since scientists have long believed that Venus was “left a boiling sphere surrounded by sulfuric cloud by a runaway greenhouse effect.”

Unfortunately, despite the warnings from well-respected scientists like Hawking, Trump continues to show no regard for the Earth and America’s duty to be seen as a leader in protecting it. Trump’s lack of concern was likely most evident from the beginning of his time in office when he selected highly anti-EPA, Scott Pruitt, to lead the department responsible for ensuring that the environment is protected.

When someone shows you who he/she is, you should believe him/her. Trump showed the world who he was where matters of the environment are concerned when he selected Pruitt.

Donald Trump’s ridiculous “Pittsburgh not Paris” declaration may be viewed below:

Featured Image via Getty/Timothy A. Clary/Staff