Chris Christie Gets Trolled By Skywriter While Sunbathing On Closed Beach


There is nothing worse than someone abusing their position of power. It happens quite often and people are sick of it. A governor is someone who should uphold the law and set the example for their fellow statesmen. Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey failed to set that example and has angered the residents of New Jersey.

On Friday the New Jersey state government shutdown, amid a clash with Gov. Christie over the state budget plan. All state run parks, as well as, all state run beaches were closed over the weekend. Christie declared a state of emergency and asked for a special session of Legislature at 11 am on Saturday.

Island State Beach Park has been closed to the public because of the state government shutdown. The shutdown, however, did not stop Christie and his family from spending the weekend at the governor’s retreat in Island State Beach Park. Christie and his family enjoyed the beach exclusively for themselves and that has angered the surrounding residents. One resident hired a plane that flew over the Christies with a banner that read:


Others like Denise Wirth from Lavallette, voiced their anger with Christie. Wirth said:

‘It’s seems so hypocritical to me that Governor Christie orders a state government shutdown — which included Island Beach State Park — affecting the livelihoods of business along the northern barrier island and the Fourth of July weekend plans of thousands of folks. Governor Christie ignores his own New Jersey state shutdown and continues his Fourth of July weekend plans, taking residence of the governor’s mansion in Island Beach State Park for the weekend.’

The shutdown has also effected visitors from other states, who have come New Jersey to spend the holiday. Craig Alpaugh said:

‘I’m not a New Jersey resident, so I don’t know who to blame. It’s unfortunate that it’s on the Fourth of July weekend. You think they could pass appropriations bills for specific things as opposed to all or nothing. We knew the park was closed from the Internet, but we thought there might be a chance that the lighthouse was open so we could go up there. It’s very disappointing.’

Here is a video of Christie and his family at the closed park:

Featured Image via Getty/Joe Raedle