Donald Trump Jr. Live Tweets His 4th Of July Mental Collapse Like An Oversized Infant


On this 4th of July holiday, Donald Trump Jr. used the occasion to come down on the media again. He could have used this important date to celebrate the country’s independence or its remarkable history, but no. The small-mindedness of this family made people across the nation raise up in arms.

The President’s eldest son complained that Chuck Todd of NBC’s Meet The Press and MSNBC’s MTP Daily was wrong in his coverage of Independent Senator Bernie Sanders:

‘I would say the saddest evidence of bias was from you not asking Bernie about the FBI bank fraud investigation. Ponder that!!!’

Republican lawyer Brady Toensing sent letters to the U.S. Attorney for Vermont accusing Senator Sanders of pressuring a bank to give a loan to the college his wife ran before it closed its doors, according to CBS News. However, Toensing heard this information from Republican State Representative and Minority Leader Don Turner who had no direct information. In other words, the claim was strictly hearsay.


The FBI will neither confirm nor deny whether it is investigating the issue, because the federal law enforcement agency never does. There have been no charges filed.

Therefore, it makes sense that Todd would not delve into an issue that was strictly hearsay. That did not stop Trump Jr. from trying to direct the pointed finger away from his father’s massive problems. They ranged from an actual FBI investigation into the Trump campaign’s dealings with Russia to a failed healthcare bill attempt.

It appears that the public has had enough of the Trumps’ fake reality and the Twitter world came crashing down hard on Donald Trump Jr. in the following tweets:



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