Anti-Trump Hashtag Trends On Twitter & The Comments Are Comedy Gold (IMAGES)


While most Americans were having a great holiday weekend, the president did not seem to be. Trump spent his weekend spiraling into a fit of rage after he saw something he wasn’t pleased with on, you guessed it, Twitter.

Both #25thAmendmentNow and #25thAmendment are hashtags that were being used with Twitter users to get the current president of the United States out of office. This hashtag surfaced after Trump tweeted multiple anti-media words and comments.

The 25th Amendment states, essentially, the process that should happen if the president chose to leave office, whether it be due to death, resignation, or impeachment. What should be really concerning to Trump is that the Amendment gives the vice-president and the cabinet the power to move for the removal of a president if they are seen unfit to fulfill their duties.

It isn’t hard to see why Donald Trump would have a fit about his hashtag. The man can not handle any sort of criticism, so to see himself being associated with a negative trending topic would, no doubt, send him through the roof.

Despite the fact that impeachment is not very likely, due to the fact that the GOP has control of the house, users on Twitter were still more than happy to use the hashtag.

Featured Image via Getty Images