Trump Goes On Wild Wednesday Morning Rant Like An Uncontrollable Evil Clown


Trump gets himself into a lot of hot water with his Twitter account but, out of sheer defiance, refuses to give up tweeting his every stray thought on social media. Everything from travel plans to insults to foreign policy is fair game on Trump’s Twitter account, and the potential consequences mean nothing to the new president.

Wednesday morning at the White House was no exception.

Trump’s travel plans are already well-known to the public since news organizations are aware of these details and report on them accordingly. This particular trip has been much discussed, as Trump will meet his friend, Vladimir Putin, for the first time.  After eight months of an investigation into Trump’s relationships and alleged collusion with Russian intelligence operatives, a meeting between Trump and Putin is something most Americans are aware of and already will be paying attention to.

Trump’s other tweets regarding foreign policy and trade are problematic, but simply working out any foreign policy stance on social media is alarming. Trump’s criticism of all other presidents before him, those who made all the “worst Trade Deals,” is insulting and more evidence of Trump’s inflated ego and feelings of superiority, but his criticism of China is awkward and ignores a piece of the presidency that Trump can’t seem to get a handle on: diplomacy.

Twitter users reacted with scorn for Trump’s continued Twitter rants.

Featured image via Getty/Mandel Ngan