Trump Just Got A Very Cold Unwelcome In Poland & It Is Priceless (IMAGE)


President Trump arrived in Europe for a G-20 Summit this Wednesday, and thankfully our European friends weren’t lacking in creating protests to meet Trump.

The last time that Trump went overseas, he was met with massive protest messages projected onto the sides of buildings, and this presidential overseas trip was no different. Editorial Director and columnist for Le Monde, Sylvie Kauffmann posted an image on Twitter of a large, green message projected onto the side of a building in Warsaw this Wednesday night.

The message, as you can see in the image below, reads:

‘No Trump; Yes Paris.’

Kauffmann captioned it:

‘Warsaw welcomes Trump, courtesy of Greenpeace.’

The reference to Paris is made because of the president’s wildly controversial recent decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord. This Accord, signed by nearly every country on planet Earth, mandated that signatory countries work together to keep global temperatures from rising two degrees Celsius above pre-Industrial Revolution levels.

For Trump, the Accord didn’t do enough to protect the short term interests of American fossil fuel companies.

Greenpeace met Trump with similar messages in multiple locations in Europe, including the Vatican, during his last overseas tour, which was his first since assuming office.

As for the precise location of this message, European TV journalist Łukasz Kowalski‏ says that it is “on Stalin’s building, just opposite Trump’s hotel.”

A second European journalist, Przemek Woś‏, says that Trump can’t actually see the message. 

However, as a third journalist, Heini Kettunen, postulated about the message:

‘He will see it in Twitter, don’t worry.’

Trump will be in Warsaw for less than 24 hours before he goes to Hamburg, Germany, for a G-20 summit. During this summit, Trump is expected to have a formal sit down with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Greenpeace has spoken out ahead of the summit of their hope that the summit is an opportunity for everyone who’s not Donald Trump to reaffirm their commitment to fighting climate change.

As Greenpeace International’s executive director Jennifer Morgan told The Associated Press:

‘We’re looking for the G-20, and if that’s not possible, then the G-19, to go forward with implementing the Paris agreement and maybe doing even more.’

Twitter, of course, thought that the massive projected protest message against Trump in Warsaw was a great idea.

Check it out below.

Featured Image via Sean Gallup/ Getty Images