Photographer Captures Merkel/Trump Encounter – Donald Gets Handled (IMAGE)


Donald Trump was rude when German Chancellor Angela Merkel came to the White House earlier this year. As the press called out for them to shake hands for a photo-op, the President ignored them and her. Then, when Chancellor Merkel leaned over and quietly asked if the two should shake hands, he ignored her even more pointedly. However, she was clearly startled when Trump pulled this at the G-20 Summit.

In advance of their meetings, photographers caught a very startled Merkel in Trump’s trademark handshake Thursday. The British Daily Express commented wryly in this tweet:

‘Everything okay, Angela? Merkel STARTLED as Trump deploys famous handshake ahead of talks.’

— Daily Express (@Daily_Express) July 6, 2017

Although, Trump was not looking forward to his meeting with the German leader, he bestowed one of his famous handshakes upon her, much to her surprise. Today, Merkel plans on representing “German and European interests” and will look for “compromises” with the U.S. The reported that she commented:

‘We know US wants to leave Paris Climate Accord, but many others remain committed.’

Featured Image via Daily Express Twitter page.